26 junio, 2012

ACROSTICS with the word SMILE - Metrical Rhyming Poem

___________ SMILE (en Inglés)

(Acrostic with rhymes - Rhyming Acrostic in English)
(Metrical Acrostic Poems)

Smile at me, my hidden star!

May I forget you? That's NEVER!

Is your story that far?

Let me in! Open your heart!

Enter in my life, FOR EVER!

_____________________ Smileater 2nd

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02 ___________ SMILE (Acrostic #02)

(Example Nº 2 of a Rhyming Acrostic - In English)

Start by getting curves around your anxious mouth,

Meanwhile, get to stop complaining of yourself...

It's your smile a sunny day with
whitened clouds

Letting rainbows of a joy fulfill your face…

Ending in a brighter smile reborning now.

_____________________ Smileater 2nd

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